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Hello you!

Remember I promised you I would make twitter backgrounds like mine to share? A lot of people asked me so I made some one of Gaspard Ulliel and one of Daniel Radcliffe (to celebrate his bday ♥♥♥!).


1) Choose the image you want and save it to your computer.
2) In your main twitter page to to ‘Settings’ on your upper right menu.
3) Once in the ‘Settings’ page go to ‘Design’.
4) Click on ‘change background image’ and select the file you saved on your computer then click ’save changes’.
5) Click on ‘change design colors’ and set it like that: background e4d3d3, text 333303, links cc3366, sidebar dfb626 and sidebar border dfb626 . Click ’save changes’ and that’s it!

I might do other backgrounds if you like. Just let me know who should I use to make the next ones!

Hope you like!

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Hi y'all! I miss you guys and this place place so much!
But I'll let you know that my iconical non inspired period have be coming to an end due to pig's new comm :) Check it out!

it's a comm to share everyone's pretty icons | iconicals

How are you guys doing? I need to know what's going on in icons world before I venture myself or is everything the same?
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site recdrop box
It’s great to share, to save space on your comp and to not feel obliged to carry your computer everywhere (freedom!). Dropbox uses computer clouding technology to let you storage files on their servers and share it very easily (or keep it private if you wish so). Isn’t it awesome? Know more about the site here here.

Oh and after you’re there you get plus 250MB storage space for every friend you invite there. Cool ha? If you want to join the site I ask you that you use this link to make me a bit more happy today. Will you?

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site reckaraoke party
I had never sang on a karaoke till this week. Mainly because I´m too shy but now I suck at singing alone in my bedroom which is awesome. And super fun! This site is awesome cause while you sing you can see what you need to do to to sing better, if you´re too low or too high.

Also anyone knows of any sites similar to this? Cause there are a lot of cool songs to sing but a lot of them are for paid members o.O

P.S: oh I forgot! My profie there is here. Let me know if you register so we can be friends :)

Anyone wants Lockerz invites? Leave me your email and I´ll invite you ;) Comments are screened